It is difficult for foreign students to go to a place of barbecue in Showa-no-mori Park,so I show a map to go there below.

From the school to Showa-no-mori Park

I show how to get to entrance of Showa-no-mori Park from the gate of the school on google map. Please refer to the site.

From the entrance of Showa-no-mori Park to the barbecue place

It is complecated from the entrance of the park to the barbecue place. I will point the way to the barbecue place by using pictures. The following picture is the entrance of the park.



Go through the parking lot as shown below.



Please go to the path at tha back of parking lot.



Go straight along the path.



If you see a summerhouse which is circled in following picture, turn left.



Go to the summerhouse.



The left side of the summerhouse is the barbecue place.



The orange circles are the barbecue spots.